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Couples Therapy

Therapy to help you resolve conflict, strengthen your connection and reignite the spark in your relationship.

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Learn how to talk through important issues

Rebuild trust that’s been broken

Deepen your understanding, love, and respect

Every relationship is a journey

There’s lots of reasons why couples attend therapy, whether it’s a specific issue, or simply seeking tools to strengthen their bond and improve communication.

Attending couples therapy doesn’t mean that your relationship is broken; it shows that both of you are committed to doing everything possible to restore the areas that are need work and grow stronger as a team.

We teach you how to navigate it together

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Reclaim Your Nature Psychotherapy

The Difference Couples Therapy Can Make

Challenges are a normal part of any relationship. It’s how you handle them that makes the difference. In couple’s therapy, you and your partner will find a safe, supportive space where you can openly share your feelings, work through frustrations, discuss important issues, or mend a breach of trust.

Feeling seen and heard by your partner is important. Throughout our sessions, we’ll equip you with practical tools and approaches to communicate more effectively, ensuring both feel seen and heard.

More and more people are enjoying the benefits of couples therapy—not only for resolving major conflicts, but also to build a strong foundation to manage future stressors as a team.

Sometimes, gentle guidance is all you need to rekindle the spark. Whether you’re facing bumps in the road or just want to ensure you both keep moving in harmony, couples therapy is a wise and valuable investment in your relationship.

Signs that couples therapy could be beneficial:

In couple’s therapy, we work on:

It’s not uncommon for partners to get stuck in a rut where words simply don’t get through. Couples therapy works hard to open up those closed lines of communication through structured dialogues and purposeful exercises. It is about helping each of you not only learn how to speak to your partner, but also feel heard and understood.

Once broken, trust can be difficult to repair. Therapy provides a safe and neutral environment for partners to confront any betrayals or misunderstandings. It’s a journey that entails admitting past wrongs, gradually rebuilding trust, and laying the groundwork for a transparent, dependable relationship in the future.

Every couple faces disagreements, but it’s how you handle them that matters. Couples therapy offers tools and strategies that shift conflicts from problematic to productive. Instead of arguments leading to more tension, they can become a pathway to solutions and deeper understanding.

Over time, partners may feel like they’re drifting apart emotionally. Therapy provides an avenue to revisit shared memories and important emotional moments. By re-engaging with these touchpoints, you can bridge that emotional divide, reigniting the warmth, intimacy, and closeness you once shared.

Raising children can bring its own set of challenges, especially when parents have differing views. Couples therapy offers guidance on effective co-parenting techniques, ensuring that both of you align on values and strategies. The goal is a harmonious household where both parents present a united front, making family decisions as a cohesive team.

Physical intimacy is an essential component of many relationships. When problems arise in this area, it can cause tension and dissatisfaction. Therapy provides a safe place to express concerns, discuss desires, and work through any obstacles. The journey’s goal is to restore intimacy, so that both partners feel connected and fulfilled.

Have you ever found yourself feeling like you’re living as roommates instead of lovers? Sometimes, it’s a general feeling of unhappiness or dissatisfaction that lingers. Therapy can help identify the root causes of this discontentment, addressing not just the symptoms but the underlying issues. Through open dialogue and guided discussions, couples can work towards finding joy, contentment, and satisfaction in their relationship once more.

Seeking couples therapy doesn’t mean your relationship is failing - it means that you want to work together to strengthen your relationship.

Who We Are

Why Reclaim Your Nature Psychotherapy?

We believe that therapy should be:


The essence of therapy is hope; and although you may have tried things that haven’t helped, you hope that therapy will help. We strive to strengthen that sliver of hope so that it grows and along with it, confidence that you can heal.


At Reclaim Your Nature Therapy, we want to help you do just that; reclaim your nature. We provide the tools and strategies you need to feel like you have choices in your life so you can live as your authentic self and create a life you love.


We highly value time in nature and are fascinated at how our systems respond positively to spending time there. Your responses to trauma are a natural response, shouldn't the healing process be naturally based as well?

Our Approach

How Couples Therapy Works

People respond to different styles of therapy. We find the approach that is best suited to you and your situation.

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We get to know you

When we first meet, we learn what brought you here, your current relationship dynamics, and your goals for therapy.

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We build a plan

Together we work on the issues we have identified and help you develop skills to strengthen your confidence and assist you in the healing process.

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We help you move forward

We evolve and adapt our approach to meet the needs that arise as we dig deeper into the root issues that are holding you back.

What You Can Expect From Couples Therapy

While we can’t guarantee specific results or a set timeline, with consistency and commitment, you may see these positive results over time:

With time and commitment, you can enjoy a happier, more connected relationship

Questions About Couples Therapy

It’s never too late. Regardless of the stage of your relationship, therapy offers insights and tools to mend, grow, and strengthen your bond. Whether you’re at the brink of a breakup or just facing frequent disagreements, a professional can provide a fresh perspective, shining a light on overlooked issues and suggesting ways to overcome them.

Typically, weekly sessions are recommended initially. As progress is observed, the frequency can be tailored accordingly. Consistent sessions at the start help in setting a foundation for the therapeutic journey. Over time, as couples begin to adopt the strategies and see improvement, the therapist might suggest spacing out the sessions.

Individual willingness can still bring about change. While the process may differ, individual sessions can indirectly benefit the relationship as you identify the areas that you can adjust or improve to bring about the change you want. Even if one partner attends, the insights and tools gained can alter relationship dynamics, promote self-awareness, and potentially motivate the other partner to join the process.

Absolutely. Trust is paramount, and all discussions remain strictly confidential. Building a trusting environment is essential for therapy to be effective. You can rest assured that whatever is shared in the therapy room stays there, allowing you to express yourself without reservation.

The duration varies based on individual couple needs. Some find resolution in a few months, while others benefit from longer engagements. It’s a personal journey, and some couples might need more time to navigate through deeper issues or long-standing patterns. The goal is always to equip both partners with the tools they need to foster a healthy relationship, regardless of how long it takes.

No. The therapist’s role is to remain neutral, facilitating understanding and growth for both partners equally. We want both partners to feel heard, valued, and understood. The objective of therapy is to bridge any gaps and misunderstandings, not to create further division. By maintaining neutrality, therapists ensure that solutions are collaborative and beneficial to the relationship as a whole.

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Reclaim Your Nature Psychotherapy

Couple’s therapy can help you restore and strengthen your relationship.