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Kathryn Ring, Registered Provisional Psychologist, at Reclaim Your Nature Psychotherapy in Calgary

Kathryn Ring


Registered Provisional Psychologist, MACP


Wednesdays (10am – 6pm)

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I know that trauma, addictions, relationship difficulties, loss, anxiety, and depression, can really make life feel like a struggle. I know that mental health can affect family relationships, couples, and how you feel about yourself. There are so many complex reasons why you are struggling. You might need personal support from a professional through therapy to get through these difficult times. You might need couples or individual therapy. Think of me as a fellow traveller on this part of your journey, guiding you towards health and happiness.

I have been working in addictions since 2000 and understand how much substance use and other addictions can affect so much of your life. I get it and I am not here to judge you. I will work with you to help you find purpose and live in the present moment. We will work through past trauma and find balance. We can do that in the office or in Nature in Calgary.

You can expect to be respected and accepted by me. I expect that after therapy, you will feel wise and emotionally safe, able to handle challenges, your emotions, to find joy and acceptance in your life now. Book a Free 15 Minute Consultation call so we can check if we are a good fit.

Self-love is about slipping up, having the bad days and loving ourselves despite them, forgiving ourselves and, most importantly, having compassion for ourselves and how we’re feeling. So, give yourself permission to fall down, but don’t give yourself permission to stay there. 

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Outside of my professional role my greatest loves are my family, friendships and making new connections with inspiring people. I consider my role as a mother, daughter, and friend with the utmost value. I find peace and connection in nature with my children and dogs and enjoy new adventures traveling and exploring!